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Types of Firewood

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1. Hardwoods:

Examples: Hickory, Oak, Pecan, Mesquite 

Hardwood firewood is renowned for its exceptional burning qualities, making it a favorite among those who seek a warm and cozy fire. Here's why hardwoods are so highly regarded:


High Heat Output: Hardwoods burn hot and produce long-lasting fires, making them perfect for keeping your home warm during chilly winter nights.


Long Burn Time: Thanks to their density, hardwoods can burn for extended periods, reducing the need for frequent log additions.


Less Resin: Hardwoods contain lower resin levels than softwoods, resulting in fewer creosote deposits which, in turn, reduces the risk of chimney fires.


2. Softwoods:

Examples: Pine, Pinon

Softwood firewood offers its own set of advantages, especially for those who enjoy speedy ignition, shorter fires, and that “smells like the mountains” aroma.


Quick Ignition: Softwoods ignite easily and are excellent for kindling, making them ideal for starting fires quickly.


Faster Burn Rate: Softwoods burn faster than hardwoods, making them suitable for shorter fires or less demanding heating needs.


Increased Resin: While places in Colorado and New Mexico burn woods like pine and pinon almost exclusively (there is definitely something to be said for that “mountain smell”), it's important to note that softwoods contain more resin which can lead to creosote buildup in your chimney. Regular maintenance is necessary when burning softwoods to ensure fire safety.


3. Seasoned vs. Green Wood:


The moisture content of your firewood is a critical factor in its burning efficiency. At Fire & Ice in Lubbock, we offer seasoned wood.


Seasoned Wood: Seasoned firewood has been properly dried for at least six months to a year, reducing its moisture content to 20 percent or less. Seasoned, or dry, wood burns cleaner, produces less smoke and generates more heat since less energy is used to evaporate moisture.


Green Wood: Green wood is freshly cut and contains high moisture levels. Burning green wood can lead to a smoky fire, lower heat output and a higher risk of creosote buildup. It also requires more effort to ignite.

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